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Now with this talk Maddie explores the topic of “How to have a Fully Charged career”. With it being school results time, we thought it was a good time for those young folks, with the world at their feet, to potentially think about a career within this up and coming sector, new energy and sustainability.

So with this in mind Maddie talks to David Hunt from Hyperion, Melanie Shufflebotham from Zap Map and lastly (drafted at the last minute, Maddie will reveal why shortly) Cris Chapman from Myenergi

We hope you enjoyed this, and hopefully those insider tips the panelists give, help the next wave of talented youngsters out there.

Hopefully by know you would have heard that we are coming to our friends in the USA, yes that’s right by MASSIVE popular demand we are coming to the US. Circuit of the Americas, in Austin, Texas on 1st and 2nd February 2020 to be exact. Filled to the brim with EV’s and clean energy tech. Tickets are actually on sale now on our website, see the show notes to get them whilst you still can.

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