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Craig O'Shannessy, a strategy analyst to the pros joins the podcast this week to talk about how data & video can help players play smarter.
Craig used to work with Novak Djokovic and is currently working with Matteo Berrettini & Jan-Lennard Struff 🔥
We talk:

  • Dynamics of joining a team
  • Importance of video analysis
  • Working with all levels of tennis
  • Being part of team Djokovic
  • Accessing tennis data

Craig is one of the leading strategy analysts out there! There are also a few stories in there - don't miss it 😉
Hope you enjoy it & let us know what you think!
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Episode Chapters
4:15 - Dynamics of working in a team environment

8:08 - Is tennis behind in video analysis?

9:44 - Advantage of using a strategy Coach

19:04 - What types of players he works with

23:29 - What it's like working with the Djokovic & Berrettini

35:34 - When should you start using a strategy coach?

46:26 - Sports psychologist or strategy coach?

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