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Federico Ricci, an experienced tour & academy coach joins us this week! 🇮🇹
Federico is the current coach of Emil Ruusuvuori, but has coached a number of players over the last few years 🔥

We talk about:

  • How his coaching journey started in Florida
  • Moving to Finland to start an academy
  • Working with Emil Ruusuvuori
  • Plans for the future

It was great to be able to chat with Federico about the differences between coaching in an academy and coaching an individual player on a full time basis. It was also eye-opening to hear about the number of weeks each year that he travels for work. Being a tour coach often means that there are very few weeks off! 😯

Hope you enjoy! 💯
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Episode Chapters:
4:24 - Developing his coaching skills

12:19 - How he started working with Emil Ruusuvuori

18:29 - Emil's transition to professional tennis

21:15 - Instilling belief in players from Finland
29:42 - Advice for juniors

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