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Canadian Coach, Larry Jurovich joins the podcast this week 🇨🇦

Larry has worked with top juniors around the world, including a stint at the LTA. He has also worked with former podcast guests James McGee, James Cluskey & Sharon Fichman!
We talk:

  • Working during COVID
  • Lessons learned during his time coaching
  • His time spent working in Ireland
  • Working with the LTA
  • His new tennis centres in Canada

It was great to be able to chat with Larry, especially as he has such a wealth of knowledge & experience in the coaching industry.

Fun fact: Larry also played ice Hockey for Ireland during the time that he spent living there!
Hope you enjoy it & let us know what you think!
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Episode Chapters
1:23 -
Life during COVID in Canada
8:00 - Values in his tennis programs
10:57 - Working with the LTA
15:48 - Playing Ice Hockey for Ireland
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