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Aussie, Matt Ebden is our 99th guest on the podcast 🇦🇺 It was nice to be able to speak to yet another established name on tour as we near episode 100!
Matt is an Australian Open mixed doubles champ, who also has a few ATP doubles titles 😉
We talk:

  • Shadows at the Madrid Open
  • Training ahead of Roland Garros
  • Coming back from injury
  • Most memorable match
  • His enthusiasm for watches
  • Investing & off court interests

Matt was training at the All In Tennis Academy when we spoke. He will play Lyon before he travels to Paris for Roland Garros 🎾

Hope you enjoy it & let us know what you think!
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Episode Chapters
2:42 - Shadows in Madrid

6:31 - Training at the All In Tennis Academy

10:14 - Coming back from injury

14:06 - Training with Federer

15:23 - Most memorable match

19:31 - Cryptocurrency & investing

21:30 - Love of watches

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