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This week we talk to Mike Ballardie, who is the CEO of our podcast sponsor, Slinger Bag 🤩
Mike has worked in tennis for a number of years, including stints working at Wilson & Prince. He now runs Slinger, the company who produce the well known portable ball machine, the Slinger Bag!
We talk:

  • His tennis background
  • Purchasing Prince Tennis
  • Signing new endorsement deals with top players
  • Seeing the Slinger Bag for the first time
  • Future plans for Slinger

Speaking to Mike was super enjoyable & it was a pleasure to be able to have him on the show. Not only does he have a really interesting back story, but has committed to sponsoring this podcast for quite a while now. A big thanks to him & his whole team 🙌

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Episode Chapters

1:50 - Mike’s Background

19:12 - Buying Prince Tennis

26:03 - First hearing about the Slinger Bag

34:42 - Tennis as a lifestyle brand

37:50 - Slinger becoming a ‘Connected Brand’

41:51 - Advantages of trading publicly

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