How One of The Largest Private Equity Investment Firms Is Ensuring The Best Experiences For Their Employees


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Anilu Vazquez-Ubarri is the Chief Human Resource Officer at TPG, one of the world’s largest private equity investment firms. Prior to moving to TPG, Anilu was the Chief Diversity Officer and Global Head of Talent Development at Goldman Sachs.

Anna Edwin, is the Global Head of Talent Development at TPG and she works very closely with Anilu. Prior to TPG Anna was the Head of Global Leadership Development at BlackRock and VP Human Capital Management at Goldman Sachs.

Anilu is actually the first ever CHRO at TPG and she is enjoying being able to shape that role. She says the firm has gone through several different evolutions of paying attention to its people, but they are now at a place where they are ready to have a specific team in place to intentionally create these experiences to set TPG apart from all other organizations.

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Some of the programs, benefits and perks that they are currently working on include:

Updated parental leave that gives 12-18 weeks for primary care and 2-4 weeks for secondary care that can be taken anytime in the first year of becoming a parent
Lunch is provided for employees
They are currently working with Author of Radical Candor, Kim Scott to improve the ways they provide feedback to employees
Updated performance review system that allows they to provide ongoing feedback rather than once or twice a year

At TPG they are also focusing on providing flexibility, diversity and inclusion, and career planning for their employees as these are the biggest trends they are seeing when it comes to the future of work.

Speaking to the growing trend of employees wanting a clear understanding of their career path inside the organization, Anna says, “I’ve noticed people lately, before accepting an offer, want to understand what their career trajectory is going to look like, asking for a little bit more of a, I won’t call it a formula per se, but really wanting to have an understanding that they’re going to be with an organization where they can grow. So they want to trust the organization that they’re going with and hold people accountable in a different way than I’d say maybe historically you’ve seen in the market.”
When it comes to finding and retaining the top talent Anilu says, “I think that the reputation of your firm is something that you can never take for granted. Because it is definitely the calling card in the market, and if that doesn’t align, or if you have a different understanding of how you’re perceived in the market, you are going to run into trouble. So I think that we keep very humble on that, but I feel very good about how we’re positioned.”

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

How TPG is shaping great experiences for their employees
Anna and Anilu’s advice to managers on how to give intentional, effective feedback
How hiring and retaining talent has changed
Workforce trends they are paying attention to
Changes they have made to the performance rating process
Their thoughts on benefits and perks

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