#89 - The Violent Video Game Discussion, Pokemon Sword and Shield News, and Tool's Fear Inoculum


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Hey all, Adam here. I am so sorry for the audio quality this week. It was all my fault so we can officially say #BlameAdam! I promise to be better and be extra careful in future weeks! Thanks! Welcome to episode 89 of The Gamer's Advocate! Join Adam, Bill, Jack, and Adrian as they discuss the violent video game comments in the news, new Pokemon Sword and Shield news, Tool's Fear Inoculum, Resident Evil testing, and so much more. To be part of the show, send in all your questions, topics, and more to podcast@thegamersadvocate.com! Follow us on Twitter! Adam Bankhurst - @AdamBankhurst Bill Roberts - @TheSmoothzilla Jack Witt - @JackWittington Adrian Wheeler - @ClassicQuiche94

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