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Rich brings on Alexi, Chris, Jim, and Sawyer: four GMs and players in a Gauntlet community special project called Gauntlet Comics to talk about the project and our Summertime Crossover Event! Show Notes: 00:05:59 - What is Gauntlet Comics? 00:14:27 - How do Gauntlet Comics GMs onboard new folks? 00:21:10 - How do we handle returning players? 00:24:38 - The Gauntlet Comics Summertime Crossover! 00:31:44 - What's Next for Gauntlet Comics? Giving Me Life 00:39:27 - Sawyer has been loving Into the Badlands and Mad Max: Fury Road, so they're making some Apocalypse Wuxia for an upcoming Gauntlet game series! 00:40:12 - Alexi is enjoying a Legend of Korra rewatch 00:40:56 - Chris is loving Matha Wells' Murderboy Diaries series 00:41:43 - Jim gives a strong recommendation for the TV show Lucifer (now on Netflix!) 00:43:45 - Rich is getting life from uniform numbers (no, really) --------------------------------------------- Gauntlet Comics Wiki: Jim Likes Games' site: Alexi's Cloven Pine Games Itch Page: Sawyer's Itch Page: Sawyer's DriveThru RPG selections can be found here:

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