Through a Mirror Darkly, Power Beyond Doubt, Alice is Missing


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Sherri and Jammi welcome Spencer Starke to the podcast. Show Notes:00:51 - Jammi's Games Played and their Spotlight - Through a Mirror Darkly 10:04 - Sherri's Games Played and her Spotlight - Power Beyond Doubt 26:05 - Spencer's Games Played and his Spotlight - Alice is Missing Giving Me Life 48:01 - Jammi is chomping their fun with the video game Maneater, a Shark RPG 49:24 - Spencer really enjoys the Parcast Podcast Network lineup of shows 50:47 - Sherri is getting her life back once her big work project ends soon! Jen's Patreon (for free Power Beyond Doubt playtest materials): Alice is Missing is live on Kickstarter right now!

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