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Let’s make things simple with a big picture look at the most urgent and beneficial lifestyle practices you can implement right now to have more energy and better physical and cognitive performance.

Future breather shows will provide more detail about each category, but this episode should get you focused on the big picture so you can explore these strategies further. This is one of my favorite topics to discuss, and it’s based around a concept called compressed morbidity. This means you remain strong, mentally sharp and physically healthy, living disease-free and illness-free for as long as you possibly can.

My father, the late great Dr. Walter Kearns (1922-2019) did a fantastic job of this, living to the age of 97 and having basically 95 years free of any physical ailments and health complaints. He was healthy and strong, and playing golf at a high-level for almost his entire life. By the time he was 95, he started to gracefully decline, but this period was for such a shorter time than most folks his age experience, and without the prolonged suffering so many elderly people endure at the end of their life.

As common as it is, it certainly doesn’t mean you have to deal with a long, drawn-out, painful decline into old age. It’s simple: implement the most important changes you can make to your lifestyle now, because it will pay off – not just in the short term, but in the long-term too. The four most important changes you can make can be categorized into four steps:

  1. Eat primally: Ditch processed carbs in favor of nutritious primal foods, especially healthy fats. Keep it simple: eat real food, and make sure your diet works for your specific needs. Maybe you need to figure some things out first, like getting a food allergy test. An unhealthy lifestyle can lead to a leaky gut, which leads to a whole host of problems, including food sensitivity. Find out if any of the foods you’re eating are actually irritating your gut, so you can avoid them while you heal your body by consuming nutrient dense things like bone broth and liver. You’d be surprised at how many people are sensitive to foods that seem like they would be good for you (egg yolks, coconut, and blueberries are common), so it’s crucial you pay attention to your digestion and how you feel after meals. It’s also very typical that foods that were once intolerable are easily digested once you’ve worked on healing your gut. I know some people who could not have even the slightest bit of dairy without getting an eruption of acne the next day, who now enjoy grass-fed organic milk and cheese, daily, with absolutely no problems. Eating primally is simple, easy to do, and all about giving your body the best fuel – the kind it deserves – so it runs as well as possible.

  1. Move around more:  Just freakin’ move! Wherever, whenever – just do it. Walk places, take frequent breaks, and do structured cardio workouts at a comfortable pace of (180 minus your age) heart rate or less. Maybe don’t try to find a parking space right outside the building you need to go into, but a block or two away (if you have the time to walk – or better yet, make the time). Little things like that make a huge difference. If you can bike or walk to the grocery store or farmer’s market, do it. Take the stairs whenever you can. Look for little opportunities everywhere to be less sedentary, and take them.

  1. Use it or lose it: While walking is great and essential, don’t forget to sweat: getting your heart going is also key. Don’t overdo it, but be sure to include brief, high-intensity strength workouts twice a week, and all-out sprints once a week, every 7-10 days. This will help your body preserve muscle mass, reduce body fat, and delay aging.

  1. Sleep/relax: Sleep is crucial to health, bottom line. Unfortunately, it seems like getting good sleep is becoming more and more difficult for some people – which is hardly surprising, considering the circumstances of our modern world. Because of this, you have to be mindful when creating your ideal sleep environment. It’s super important you align your sleep habits with your circadian rhythm. Start your day off right with a natural wakeup call and energetic morning as the sun streams in naturally and wakes your body. In the evenings, keep it mellow and dark with natural light, and don’t forget that it is critical you minimize your digital screen use after the sun goes down! Once it’s dark, you really shouldn’t be looking at screens – your body will be confused, and you be will miserable and exhausted from lack of sleep. Focus on finding times during the day and the week to relax, instead of being so go-go-go all the time!

I’ll expand on these four topics further in-depth for future breather shows, but for now, enjoy this show as an opportunity to learn about which lifestyle practices and changes you can make so you’re feeling as good in your body as possible.


Brad shares how he doubled his testosterone levels entirely through lifestyle modification [5:45].

Brad explains the concept of compressed morbidity [6:54].

Put yourself into a position to succeed through your habits [10:00].

The top 4 lifestyle changes to make [15:20].

Active couch potato syndrome [16:22].

Brad talks about his morning routine and how he like to start his day [18:58].

Why slowing down is so important [23:33].

The kind of high intensity exercise you should be doing [24:10].

The importance of sleep and downtime [28:53].

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