Breakthrough Knowledge (Breather Episode With Brad)


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We are diving into one of my favorite topics today: how to deal with hyper-connectivity and overstimulation. There is such an excess of content out there, but there is a way to deal with it: instead of feeling overwhelmed and stressed, you can utilize some strategies suggested by Michael Simmons in order to extract “breakthrough knowledge.” He argues that while everyone deals with social media excess, successful people have mastered the ability to find breakthrough knowledge in our era of information overload.

I go into detail about Dr. Matthew Walker’s views on sleep. Since we are simply less productive when we become deficient in sleep, you can actually get more done in less time – if you are taking care of your health. Many athletes and fitness enthusiast types have reported experiencing epiphanies and breakthroughs in their mindset and decision making when exercising. The brain on exercise is operating at a higher level, increasing creativity and cognitive function. This is why it is so crucial to make sure you get your 15-minute break every couple of hours and are mindful of moving your body, even just a little bit, after sitting for just 20 minutes. 20 minutes seems innocuous, but it makes a real difference.

Another seemingly innocuous but harmful daily habit? According to Dr. John Gottman - rolling your eyes. It’s a total relationship killer. Do yourself and your partner a favor and keep that contempt to yourself!

I delve into “Content Shock” and how I deal with the avalanche of information out there, and why it’s so hard to fight against Constant Distraction – especially with all the clickbait online and marketers, software developers, and hackers all focused on one thing: how to get you addicted to their product. Billions of dollars are spent getting your attention – and the more time you spend surfing their site, the more money they get. So how do you counteract all the efforts to steal your time and your attention? You have to be picky.

What more can you do for yourself than be picky? Having boundaries and standards when it comes to everything that enters your body and your mind is of the utmost importance now more than ever. The internet can be a “junk food information desert,” so you gain much more from being proactive instead of reactive. Ask yourself: “Does this content provide me with breakthrough knowledge that has the potential to change my life?” Work on implementing patterns in your life that improve it – like actively seeking out critical feedback like Elon Musk, who believes that pursuing experiences and knowledge that prove you wrong is far more valuable than things that confirm you’re right.

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