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Expanding on my show with Dr. Paul Saladino, “The Carnivore Diet to End Human Suffering, Challenge Your Fixed Beliefs, and Live a Radical Life,” I share details from the journey I’ve had so far experimenting with the carnivore diet.

It was just over two years ago that I ran into Danny Vega at Keto-Con in Austin, TX, who was raving about the benefits he was experiencing from the carnivore diet. However, at that time, I dismissed the idea because of my own fixed beliefs - doesn’t everyone know that fruits and vegetables are good for you? However, a lot has changed since then. I’ve done tons of research, and read some phenomenal success stories at that show powerful health transformations occur when people cut out plants.

These days, either you have had extreme inflammation or an autoimmune disease, or someone you know has dealt with one, or is still trying to manage their symptoms. Acne, psoriasis, allergies, gastritis, arthritis, colitis, the list goes on...basically if you’re suffering from any kind of disease ending with “-itis” then you’re definitely dealing with some degree of gut permeability. So, how do you deal with that? Try going carnivore! Cut out plants - seriously. Of course, this is an odd idea to accept when you’re used to hearing about the wonders of greens all the time. However, the premise for going carnivore is centered around the fact that, for people who experience severe reactivity to the antigens in plant-food, removing plants from the diet has an incredible effect. When you read the testimonials from these people who’ve totally turned their life around from this simple dietary adjustment, it’s pretty hard to not want to jump on the carnivore bandwagon as soon as you can. Not only does it heal physical symptoms of autoimmune diseases, but followers report massive behavioral and cognitive changes too: ADHD, depression, anxiety, autism, even someone suffering from bi-polar disorder was able to get off her meds, all by simply eliminating plant food.

Obviously the carnivore diet is particularly enticing for anyone at their wits end, who’s just exhausted from trying to figure out what is wrong with them, and how they can help themselves. Most people who’ve come to the diet admit they tried it as a last resort, but the incredible benefits are what have kept them dedicated to it. However, even if you’re not suffering from terrible, debilitating autoimmune symptoms, this diet can still enrich your life and improve your health, because of what happens when you remove plants from your diet. The benefit of consuming plant food is the hormetic stressor it causes, right? But exercise is a hormetic stressor...and so is taking a cold plunge. My point is, why bother with the vegetables when you can rely on fasting and exercise as your source of stress on the body? The best anti-inflammatory response you can generate within your body is by fasting - no superfood or smoothie will affect your inflammation as well being in a fasted state. It’s all about efficiency - it’s not like our ancestors had access to food all the time. As weird as it sounds, starving a little does wonders for you.

So, I began my carnivore experiment, which went hand in hand with not consuming any calories till noon (thanks to my Fatty Popcorn Boy saga, I was already doing this). Have you ever cooked up some ground beef AND liver, then melted cheese on top? And then thrown in a few egg yolks in there too? Well, it’s certainly not a pretty, Instagram worthy lunch, but who cares when something this nutrient dense also tastes amazing? There are other options once you cut out plants - salmon is of course a classic staple, but what about one of my favorite things to buy from the grocery store, salmon eggs? Try fish eggs, try anything and everything that you, along with most people, used to ignore in the store: liver, organ meats. Sure, that stuff seems unappetizing or just straight up challenging to cook, but all you have to do is ask. Ask your butcher, reach out to people online - all the information is there for you. All you have to do is get over yourself and the old ideas you sometimes hold onto that can hold you back. This journey has led me to retiring my super nutritious breakfast smoothie, which happened to contain raw plant powder. Interestingly enough, I would often experience bloating and gas after ingesting this “super healthy” smoothie.

Sometimes when you embark on a new diet, it can feel extremely limiting. But experimenting with carnivore has had the opposite effect - it’s been an eye-opening challenge, with no deprivation in sight. In fact, it’s even given me a different perspective on things I used to eat, as well as the things I didn’t consume all that much - like fruit. After I started eliminating vegetables, I began enjoying the process of incorporating fruit back into my diet, especially eating the super-ripe fruit produced during the summer season. However, when winter comes, I won’t be eating much fruit. Why? Because our bodies are not genetically adapted to eat fruit during the winter, and since the quality of fruit is lacking then, why even bother? I’ll admit to being a dark chocolate snob, and now that I eat fruit, I’m a fruit snob as well. But in order to be healthy, you have to be a little snobby, meaning: you have to demand the best for yourself. The carnivore diet works so well because it forces you to focus on micro-nutrients, not macros. To think that I almost dismissed going carnivore because it contradicted my long-held previous beliefs!

I started this experiment as an already pretty healthy person, curious to see how this diet would impact me, and while I certainly have enjoyed the numerous health benefits, I have to say the best thing I’ve gotten out of going carnivore is that it’s allowed me to expand not only my palate, but most importantly, my mind. I’ll leave you with a Frank Zappa quote: “A mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if it is not open.”


Brad tried the carnivore diet even though when he first heard about it, it didn’t align with his fixed beliefs. [03:51] If you have some problems with intestinal permeability and you make a radical transformation in your diet, you can get sort of a reset affect or a healing effect. [06:10]

Lectin proteins can irritate the gut lining. We don’t need these plants to get an antioxidant response. [08:27]

Fasting is the foundation of healthy living, longevity and everything else. [11:23]

Brad’s experiment with carnivore diet went hand in hand with not consuming any calories until 12 noon. [14:31]

Learn to partake of nose to tail meats. [15:40]

Brad describes his carnivore diet experience. [17:31]

It is difficult to digest raw plant material, even nuts. [20:09]

Our biology is more similar to the animals and dissimilar to plants. [21:13]

So many people have not learned that ditching grains from your diet brings remarkable positive changes in your life. [24:13]

Switching from vegetable concentration to fruits is a new idea from Brad. [26:10]

So nothing is written in stone. Learn what is nutritious and healthy for you and enjoy eating it. [31:21]

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