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After two action-packed shows, Christopher and I focus on the amazing sport of Speedgolf and deliver some entertaining peak performance insights that can translate into many other pursuits…in case you are not interested in Speedgolf, which you should be by now. Christopher is a Guinness World Record holder in Speedgolf for best 18-hole round, set when he shot a 65 in 44 minutes in Chicago. Christopher describes the zen-like “flow” state that happens when you play Speedgolf, when you get out of the over-analytical and tense golfer mindset and just go with the flow.

He describes how our brains operate better with “ballpark” concepts rather than precision, such as a quick estimate of yardage or how a putt will curve on the green. He makes the interesting analogy of how we exhibit automatic, instinctive, graceful behavior when we drive our car to the market. We’re not thinking, “Don’t hit that car, don’t hit that telephone pole!” and other negative, fearful thoughts when we are driving, nor are we scrutinizing the angle of our wrists when we turn the wheel. But we do this type of stupid shit when we play golf every time!

However, since the rapid pace of Speedgolf means you don’t have time to ruminate on striking the perfect shot, you are able to unleash your natural athletic ability and intuitive skills to achieve peak performance. How else can you explain Christopher’s YouTube video at Bandon Dunes, where – on the very day when a sophisticated production crew shows up to film him for a Speedgolf promo video – he delivers an otherworldly performance? I recall Reggie Jackson in the 1985 World Series against the LA Dodgers hitting three home runs on the first pitch each time. Three swings of the bat, three home runs, on the grandest stage of baseball. These are supernatural feats that don’t happen when you are tense or up in your head, worried about results or making mistakes. Another time, Christopher was by himself on a rainy day at Pumpkin Ridge in Portland, and went out for a late-afternoon round of Speedgolf. At the first green, he realized he forgot his putter. Instead, he decided to putt with whatever club he hit into the green. He proceeded to make five birdies in a row, using hybrids, wedges, and 8-irons on the green. Crazy. Amazing. And indicative of the magic of Speedgolf.

Speedgolf also helps you forget bad shots since you have to hit another one pretty quickly. In general, when it comes to bad shots, Christopher says you should expect them (pros hit bad shots all the time, but we rarely see them on TV!) and be more compassionate about your mistakes. Along those lines, Christopher says, “You should stop ‘should-ing’ on yourself.” Don’t stress about your score, enjoy your walk in the park, and maybe – just maybe – you will access the peak performance state naturally. Again, with carryover into all manner of real-life challenges, Christopher suggests you “Adjust, Adapt, and Move On” as a coping strategy and remember, “stop trying to be so does not help.” This isn’t just folksy wisdom; Christopher quotes numerous leaders in brain science and cutting-edge athletic performance.

The problem with the modern game of golf is that it takes too long, costs too much, and is too hard. When you try to get help, the focus on technical instruction misses the point entirely. Consider Christopher’s message to strive for peak performance in a more holistic manner, relax and have a little fun, get over yourself, and perhaps try your hand at Speedgolf!

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