Dr. Anna Cabeca: Optimizing Your Sexual Hormones, Aging Gracefully, And Losing Weight Through De-Stressing


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Get ready for a wild ride with the multi-faceted Dr. Anna Cabeca, author of an exciting new book, Keto Green 16 and also The Hormone Fix. Dr. Anna is an OBGYN with a deep interest in holistic health, alternative healing strategies, menopause, sexual health, and pulling yourself out of health destruction and accelerated aging with integrative strategies that emphasize lowering your overall life stress level.

This show covers a ton of ground and you will probably have to hit the replay button a few times to get a full appreciation for her insights. Anna talks about andropause and menopause, the do’s and don’ts of hormone replacement therapy, how stress hormones mess things up for us when it comes to sexual health and rate of aging, and how oxytocin ― the so-called “love hormone” that promotes feelings of bonding and connection ― is an all-powerful key to happiness, sexual health and aging gracefully. Lower stress, raise oxytocin and you will be inspired to pursue more oxytocin producing behaviors. When you are dragging ass and don’t feel like doing or being happy, that’s when you might need an intervention.

Echoing the message from a previous show with Dr. Michael Platt, Dr. Anna discusses the wide-ranging benefits for both men and women of bio-identical progesterone ― particularly for neuro-protective benefits. Dr. Anna relates how she nearly fell apart as she approached the big 5-0 ― brain fog, mood disturbances, weight gain, PTSD, and acidic pH. She was a hot mess but she turned everything around and then started honing and testing a healing protocol that eventually became the Keto Green 16 program. “Why settle for just normal aging, when our rate of aging is so accelerated? Let’s talk about being that aging couple who stand out from the crowd ― attractive, fit, happy, in love ― living their best life.” Yes, you will enjoy this visit with Dr. Anna and learn some fresh new insights.


Brad introduces Dr. Cabeca who specializes in menopause and sexual health. [04:02]

What shall we do about menopause symptoms? Do you want to be normal? [07:12]

Regarding lab tests, one needs to do some research. A woman’s testosterone level is often misread as it has been compared with men’s level. [10:49]

It takes more than hormones to fix our hormones. We don't want to suppress menopause and andropause any more than we'd want to suppress puberty and our kids. [13:47]

How does a male navigate andropause? [15:30]

Oxytocin is the most powerful hormone of your body. [18:09]

Adrenals are needed to take over when testosterone drops in the example of andropause. [24:51]

With PTSD the cortisol production goes up, and the oxytocin goes down and you don’t feel love. [29:01]

When women’s progesterone starts to decline, in our thirties, forties, we start getting other symptoms like anxiety, insomnia, irritability, decreased libido. [34:12]

Dr. Anna talks about her problems with weight fluctuation and how it related to her hormonal imbalance. [39:37]

The foods we eat as well as the people with whom we eat, support our body’s hormonal system. [44:13]

In the Keto Green 16 system, they are creating insulin sensitivity, managing cortisol. [47:58]

What is expected and what kind of commitment is needed to join the Keto Green Community? [54:29]


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