Dr. Cate Shanahan – Learning the Four Healthiest Food Categories You Need to Eat From!


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Dr. Cate is second to none as a health resource, period. Does anyone else blend her disparate interests of hands-on patient care during her long career as a family physician, a deep interest in scientific research, and an ability to communicate practical tips to a broad audience through her books, videos and podcast appearances? Clearly, Dr. Cate is exceptional. In this show, we learn about her background and wild journey across the continent to pursue an assortment of career roles. In particular, her nine years serving a rural native population on the island of Kauai served as inspiration for her groundbreaking book, Deep Nutrition. This book was initially self-published in 2009 and became a runaway bestseller. It was expanded and updated in 2017 to become an absolute must-have resource on your bookshelf.

While on the island, Dr. Cate and Luke were exposed by longtime native Hawaiians to forgotten cooking traditions featuring nose-to-tail consumption of naturally raised animals and a devotion to fermented foods in honor of their ancestry. Dr. Cate noticed in her medical clinic that the elderly natives who had preserved these ancestral traditions were healthier than the more westernized younger generations. This led to the research and development of Dr. Cate’s trademarked “Four Pillars of the Human Diet”: Fresh foods (e.g. fruit and vegetables), fermented foods (e.g., sauerkraut, yogurt), organ meats (hey if you can’t stand liver, try the legit supplements from AncestralSupplements.com that package the purest sourced organ meats and bone broth into convenient capsules), and meat on the bone (bone broth is one of the most nutritious foods on the planet, yet often completely overlooked even by devoted primal/paleo eaters).

The diet Dr. Cate follows now completely contradicts what she learned in medical school, which can be summarized as: “Fat makes you fat, cholesterol clogs your arteries, and salt gives you hypertension.” Unfortunately, Dr. Cate admits that: “As a doctor, I paid a lot for my medical education, and I did not learn anything true or worthwhile about nutrition or what people are supposed to eat.” And she’s hardly the only doctor to experience this – everyone who went to medical school during her time was fed the same incorrect information. Fortunately, she is a passionate advocate and spokesperson for living a natural, healthy, ancestral lifestyle, and her wealth of knowledge is truly boundless. Enjoy this show with the supremely well-informed, intelligent, and humorous Dr. Cate, as she shares so much of the invaluable knowledge she has accumulated over years of dedicated research and study – and before you start listening, you might want to take out a pen and paper – you will want to keep track of everything you learn from this radical conversation with one of the leading experts on nutrition and the history of human health.


Cate talks about how she has lived in many different places and what it teaches her. [09:11]

Dr. Cate describes how her work with traditional Hawaiian diet brought her to the ancestral diet. [14:52]

In medical school, Cate didn’t learn true information about nutrition. [16:02]

Cookbooks that came out before the 1950s were the real nutrition science. [19:12]

The four pillars of traditional diet are (1) fresh (umbrella for variety, local, and seasonal), (2) fermented & sprouted, (3) meat on the bone, and (4) organs. [25:47]

Dogs are prehumen. What else came before us humans? [28:62]

How did our ancestors manage their food? How do we know what tastes good? [30:34]

It is almost impossible to not become addicted to sugar. [33:34]

Learn how to use the bones in your diet to strengthen your joints and skin. [37:02]

In order to take advantage of what the bones provide, it’s better to use chicken on bone rather than boneless breast for example. [40:21]

It’s hard to buy natural fats any more. [43:06]

The fourth pillar is organ meats. Liver is especially good for anemia. [45:06]

Try to train yourself when you are hungry to try these new healthy meats. [51:52]

Energy emergency crisis is a result from craving sugar. [55:29]

We have radically altered the composition of our bodies by consuming vegetable oils. [56:05]

Dr. Cate acknowledges that sugar is important in this discussion, but she believes that the problem of the vegetables oils is way more important. {59:28]

When we decide to give up vegetable oils to clean up our diet, what happens then? [01:22:20]

Many people get headaches when their brain is needing energy. [01:07:00]

People trying to lose weight get into this vicious cycle when they have to work so hard. It’s because their cells are dependent on sugar. [01:10:56]

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