Gabby Reece: Balancing Wife, Mother, Athlete, Celebrity Life, Including Insightful, Humorous, and Life-Changing Relationship Insights


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Enjoy this wide-ranging and deep conversation with international fitness celebrity, supermodel, and former professional beach volleyball player, Gabrielle Reece.

Gabby is a former women’s beach volleyball star, television host, supermodel, fitness expert, and author, columnist, and podcast host. She was named one of the “20 Most Influential Women in Sports,” by Women’s Sports and Fitness, and one of the top five most beautiful women in the world by Elle magazine.  Gabby and her husband Laird Hamilton have been celebrated as America’s fittest couple and have spent many years in the public eye as innovative fitness leaders.

What Gabby is perhaps most appreciated for is being the real deal – a breath of fresh air in the celebrity world of manufactured image and branding. While lunching with my main man Mark Sisson in Malibu, I have enjoyed meeting Gabby and Laird on a few occasions over the years. What struck me each time was how open and authentic and fun-loving Gabby is in real life. We chatted only briefly, but she offered up some deep reflections about athletes dealing with injuries and adjusting competitive goals over time and dealing with hectic modern life and her various roles of mother, celebrity, athlete, and coach.

After our first meeting, I was drawn to Gabby’s 2013 book titled, My Foot Is Too Big For the Glass Slipper: A Guide To A Less Than Perfect Life. She was raw, vulnerable, very funny, and very thoughtful. The book description sets the tone nicely: “With hilarious stories, wise insights, and concrete takeaways on topics ranging from navigating relationship issues to aging gracefully to getting smart about food, My Foot Is Too Big for the Glass Slipper is the brutally honest, wickedly funny, and deeply helpful portrait of the humor, grace, and humility it takes to survive the happily ever after.

I think you will absolutely love this interview with a peak performer who knows how to enjoy life, strive to keep things in balance, not take herself too seriously, and especially become a better person every day!


Gabby is a very accomplished woman and well known in her field. She talks about finding a balance between fame and her real self. [09:33]

Does Gabby's 6’3” height affect how she thinks she's perceived? [13:52]

Once we forgo living up to others’ expectations, it is liberating. [16:09]

How do you parent your kids to deal with having such well-known parents with well-known friends? [18:18]

Kids need to learn to navigate this world on their own. [22:26]

People need a place to express themselves…who they are. [26:04]

Gabby’s background wasn’t free and easy and she wasn’t groomed to be successful. [30:13]

It’s important to put the past behind you and move on. [32:34]

There’s a lot of beauty if life. You have to be willing to recognize it. [37:55]

Create a system that helps you navigate life. [43:19]

When in disagreement, even if you are “right,” it is important to listen to the other person’s point. [47:16]

Think about how you can be better today and you can be in charge of that. [49:21]

If you are ‘triggered,” figure out why you are triggered. [51:39]

As a parent, it is difficult not to put your crap on the kids. [55:24]

It’s really powerful as a parent to give space to the child. [56:57]

How does fitness commitment help achieve balance your life? [1:01:23]

In a relationship, you bring both independent commitment and then nurture that in the partnership as well. [1:04:43]

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