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I’m the subject of Jake’s interview — on how I became a pro triathlete!

Jake Taylor hosts a very cool podcast called 5GQ: 5 Good Questions. He has an assortment of authors on the show to talk about their books and life’s works, and answer five or more good questions from Jake. What an honor to be on this show amidst Jake’s luminaries from the world of high finance and corporate leadership. He is close friends with Warren Buffett and a noted financial professional based in Folsom, CA. Okay, he’s not really close friends with Buffett, but he did hang with him in college (as the winner of a contest he was afforded this opportunity) and leveraged that opportunity into a career. Jake’s first book, The Rebel Allocator, is a novel dispensing business advice about the allocation of capital.

FYI: Jake’s wife is the one and only Lindsay Taylor, Ph.D., all-around Primal Blueprint queen bee, ketogenic ironman triathlete and recipe whiz. She worked with Mark Sisson for the recipes in The Keto Reset Diet, The Keto Reset Instant Pot Cookbook, and The Keto Reset Diet Cookbook.

Jake and I did something super cool: we tested out his novel idea to conduct a podcast during a hike! Yep, we donned portable equipment and hoofed it for a 48-minute conversation. Essentially, Jake started out asking me one good question and I took it and ran with it: “So, how did a kid from Southern California become the number three triathlete in the world?” Answer: I was too small for high school football, cut from high school basketball (albeit an LA City championship program at Los Angeles Taft High School), so I ended up running and running, till I got hurt from too much running and started swimming, biking, and running, until I became King of the Desert. Hopefully, you will appreciate this different flavor of show, which is syndicated on Jake’s 5 Good Questions podcast channel.


What would the world be like if we read books instead of TV? [01:27]

Jake asks Brad about his athletic journey. [07:32]

Just because you’re a competitive due and go to full speed, it does not equate with success. [15:01]

Learning to be a cyclist, led Brad to triathlon after being a runner. [17:20]

After graduating College, Brad found himself working in a skyscraper!! [21:30]

Pure motivation helped his commitment towards his goal. [24:26]

When he achieved success, he started to be consumed by it. [27:31]

When you attach yourself to the outcome, you lose all perspective. [31:38]

How does one set an official Guinness record? [32:26]

Brad’s experience on breaking the record, taught many lessons. [41:37]

When high jumping, the significance inside for me to have a competitive drive to want to improve height over the bar from the last time and, by doing so, define the aging process in one small way. (Brad) [44:54]

Running a professional athletic career is like a business. [48:34]

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