How to get started with micro-workouts. Now is the time! (Breather Episode with Brad)


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I introduce the fantastic breakthrough fitness concept that I’ve been doing more and more of in recent years: micro workouts. Micro workouts are explosive fits of strength, efficient and easy to do, and hits the #1 goal of being more active in daily life while also serving to elevate your baseline fitness level to do better workouts. They also take away so much of the stress that can come with working out.

Let’s be real, even if you’re one of those people who loves to hit the gym, part of what puts most people off working out is just carving out the time – not just for the actual work out, but allowing for time to drive there, and find parking, etc. Micro workouts are the easiest way to slip in a little activity that really makes a big difference as your efforts will add up over time.

I initially began incorporating this practice into my daily life because of my desire to take work breaks and also because my own competitive intensity in gym – I admit to having the tendency to overdo it, something I am sure many can relate to. What’s nice about micro workouts is that they are so brief, it’s easy to set yourself up for success, since they’re way less strenuous and time consuming than a regular gym session or workout class. You can sneak them in at nearly any time or any place – I try to get one in while I’m already doing something else, like taking out the trash, and I’ve also set myself up for success in my home environment - I have a pull-up bar in one doorway, with stretch Cordz hanging from it. Obviously having equipment staring at you right in the face is a good motivator, but truthfully, you don’t even need this stuff around to perform micro workouts – you just need to get up off your butt and go! Do 20 squats, a single set of pullups, or run outside for a quick 1-minute sprint – and then bam! Back to work in no time, with the added bonus of elevated energy levels and improved cognitive function. It’s the ideal way to break up your work day, adds a little boost to your energy and concentration, and as you’ll see over time, your efforts really add up. Five to ten minutes really feels like two minutes throughout the course of a busy day, but those minutes will add up, week after week, as you continue to incorporate this revolutionary fitness concept into your life.


Brad describes how to get a good workout without hassle. [02:07]

This system of mini workouts throughout the day is appealing because it prevents you from overworking at the gym for example. [06:17]

Maybe you don’t want to skip the gym all together but you can make it a pleasant routine part of your week for the camaraderie. [08:59]

Many leading fitness experts are now stating that general everyday movement is of higher priority than adhering to an ambitious workout regimen. [12:09]

Slow weights are an option. It includes lifting three or four days and each lift is modest. [15:21]

You want to make sure that you got a little bit of blood flowing and some lubrication in the joints before you step over a weighted bar. [18:46]

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