Listener Q&A - Toning Down Type-A Approach Over Time, The Dilemma Between “Fun” Workouts That Are Stressful and “Boring” Workouts That Are Restorative, And Balancing Aerobic, Strength, and Sprint Workouts Year-Round (Breather Episode with Brad)


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(Breather) This Q&A breather episode exhibits great insights about evolving one’s approach over time from super competitive to enjoying the experience of nature and aging gracefully.

Curly writes in about the dilemma of doing super fun endurance feats out in nature versus getting in the gym and doing strength sessions that deliver better hormonal and injury prevention benefits but are boring by comparison. How to balance aerobic base building, high-intensity strength training sessions, and all-out sprints week in, week out, and in the context of an annual training pattern.

It’s much easier to slip a bit and lose your A-game with some unbridled celebrations and mindless habits. It’s much more difficult to recalibrate and get rid of body fat that was unwanted in the first place. I gained a fresh perspective on a lot of the content I communicate in books, podcasts, and videos from fighting a personal battle instead of just being theoretical. The best starting point for a fat reduction effort is to get your mind right - do you really want this goal, or are you deep down okay being just okay and giving yourself permission to celebrate life and use food as a release valve against all the pressure and expectation we face in other areas of daily life?

As you embark on achieving a tangible goal, it’s important to strike a balance between having the focus, discipline and competitive intensity to kick butt with a process-oriented approach where you don’t attach your self-esteem or self-image to the outcome. Insights from Mark Manson and Andrew MacNaughton apply here. You also have to recognize the strong influence of environmental factors, as revealed by the discovery of “clusters” for things like obesity, or happiness, in the Framingham Study.


Jose is asking about his training goals now that he is not competing any longer. [04:55]

Connor Curly is trying to find a balance between running and lifting that makes him feel best. We have to apply restraint to even to things that we enjoy, to act in our long-term best interest. [10:10]

Harry has two goals: health and longevity, daily energy in a sedentary job, and getting strong and lean. If you have that aerobic base, you can survive and thrive in high-intensity training sessions, much better. [19:10]

Harry, a non-competitive athlete, also asks if he should take a month off of exercise. [29:38]



  • "Lifting makes me feel good, but it’s boring; running is super fun but makes me feel bad." (Curly)

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