Mixtape of Quotes and Interview Tidbits (Breather Episode with Brad)


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It’s my pleasure to serve as the curator of the museum of healthy living and share some interesting and informative quotes on an assortment of topics, hopping from one to another. First, we cover the most simple and profound dietary advice imaginable from bestselling author Michael Pollan: “Eat food, mostly plants, not too much.” Note his epic follow-up one-liner, which is the importance of avoiding what we call junk food, but what is more literally accurate to describe as “edible foodlike substances.” We cover seven additional details of dietary advice from Pollan. Moving on to one of my favorite ancestral health movement forefathers, Dr. Art DeVany, who says “starve and exercise” to heal damaged cells in the brain and the body. DeVany also asserts that “we are most human when we don’t eat.” Science confirms that we function at highest efficiency when we are in a fasted state, where the natural cellular detoxification process of autophagy is optimized and the process of (desirable) programmed cell death called apoptosis are upregulated.

Next, a quick tidbit from Medium.com relationship columnist Kris Gage, talking about the importance of keeping promises you make to yourself in order to build healthy self-esteem. My favorite blogger Seth Godin weighs in with a classically pithy suggestion to “have the discipline to say no to distractions” and fix up flawed systems and dysfunctional self-talk that is holding us back. I share a message from Ben Greenfield where he discusses insights from Robert Greene’s book, Laws of Human Nature. We can aspire to model Leonardo da Vinci and his motto in life of ostinato rigore (relentless rigor.)

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