Motivation, Athletic Goals, and Getting Over Yourself: An Interview with Brad by Dr. Don Freeman and Scott Warr of the Trail Runner Nation Podcast


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Here is a different flavor of show, as I become (for the most part) the interviewee in a wild and wacky session with the dynamic duo from the Trail Runner Nation podcast, Dr. Don Freeman and Scott Warr.

These guys have a super popular show, featuring nonstop repartee between the pair, as well as interesting guests in the world of ultramarathon running. Dr. Don is an absolute marvel of a human specimen; a busy chiropractor and entrepreneur, he runs in his spare time, and runs. And runs. He has completed countless 100-mile ultra-races and an epic event in the Pacific Northwest of 240 miles of nonstop running.

After this show in the summer of 2018, Don was headed to the French Alps to compete in a 6-day ultramarathon run of 225 miles and 90,000 feet of climbing over the high-altitude trails traversing les Alps. Yes, these ultrarunning folks are an amazing breed. They set a comfortable pace and keep moving for hours and hours and even into multiday racing. Don’s strategy is to sleep one hour per every eight of running! Let’s see, that works out to three hours of sleep per day... In this show, we talk about our shared appreciation for a relaxed and intuitive approach to athletic goals, the inspiration for the name “Get Over Yourself for this podcast and the importance of getting over ourselves in everyday life, the nature of motivation and the influence of genetics, the importance of drinking only the healthiest and cleanest wine, especially as an athlete. Wine? Don’t whine, we indeed engage in engage in our specialty of tangents, asides, interruptions, and circle backs. Many podcasts have a distinct pattern of interview questions and start-to-finish progression, but sometimes it’s fun to just let it flow and see where the conversation takes you. I think you will enjoy connecting with these guys. This show is syndicated on the fabulous Trail Runner Nation podcast, hosted by in their fabulous Rocklin, CA studios.


This guy, Freeman, is going to the French Alps to compete in a six-day ultra-marathon. [05:39]

Podcasts are opening a whole new way of communicating. [07:09]

How limiting is your own brain to performance? [12:10]

Practicing doesn’t necessarily translate to the competitive arena. [16:29]

The work that a long-distance cyclist does, doesn’t even come close to what our hunter/gatherer ancestors did. [17:41]

What is the theme of Brad’s Get Over Yourself podcasts? [18:57]

Social media usually shows people at their best, ignoring the fact that sometimes we fail. [21:36]

Some of the GPS features can inhibit your ability to think on your own, however there are some great apps for racing. [26:29]

Screens are dominating our lives. [30:05]

Performance on cognitive test slows down when you are lacking sleep. [33:34]

Brad details what his experience was in becoming a pro triathlete. [38:09]

Brad talks about how he “got over himself.” [47:28]

It’s really important through for the duration of your life to have some compelling competitive goals, whatever that is. [56:30] Brad talks about his speed golf fete. [57:21]

Make sure you are doing what you are doing for a good reason. [01:01:16]

How would you advise an athlete to recognize comfort zone versus Wimp? [01:05:46]

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