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Switch the B.S. meter to the “on” position, and listen to the wise and powerful Dr. Cate ( address many myths and misconceptions about keto and other ancestral health practices on this hard-hitting show.

Brad has avoided caffeine his whole life so he wouldn’t “fry his adrenals.” Dr. Cate calls BS. How about eating in the evening – that makes you store fat, right? Probably doesn't matter that much, says Cate. We know lots of conventional wisdom that has been shattered in recent years by thought leaders in alternative health like Dr. Cate, Mark Sisson, Robb Wolf, and the rest. Now it’s time to get further nuanced with Cate’s examination of some of the stuff even super cool progressive health folks might be stretching reality on.

One example is trying to go keto when you aren’t starting out as a healthy fat burner. Everyone talks about the “keto flu” as something to endure and tolerate on their journey to the promised land. This is simply not true. Of course, we get deep into Cate’s pet crusade against refined high polyunsaturated vegetable oils, called out as the single worst thing you can ingest. These toxic, highly reactive vegetable oils inflict damage at the DNA level immediately upon ingestion to the extent that Dr. Cate says they are, “literally no different than eating radiation.”

Speaking of vegetable oil, you can even generate ketones eating a crap load of toxic vegetable oils. You’ll get a keto gold star, and you’ll also feel fatigued and be inactive, and develop insulin resistance, fatty liver, and increase your risk of stroke. This may counter the recent popularity of “dirty keto” where you are “allowed” to eat a bunch of junk food as long as you hit the requisite macros.

Oh yeah, you know those headaches that happen during a busy, sugar crash burnout day? This pattern can become a serious matter whereby you suffer from frequent mini-strokes when your brain is deprived of oxygen due to overconsumption of carbs and the brains over-reliance on sugar. Prominent author Dr. David Perlmutter calls Alzheimer’s “Type III diabetes” due to the close association between insulin resistance and cognitive decline.

Good news shared by Dr. Cate is that you can reverse early brain problems and stroke risk by transitioning to a more nutrient-dense, lower sugar, and especially keto friendly diet. This is no funny business, as Dr. Cate offers the stat the typical western diet derives 66 percent of total calories from the big three main most offensive modern foods: sugars, grains, and refined vegetable oils. Dr. Cate is not afraid to call out entities like Harvard University for aggressively promoting nutrient-deficient diets for decades, spurred by corporate influences and the almighty dollar. This is highly disturbing, and greatly inspiring to take matters of health into your own hands.

Listeners, you can’t get any better than Dr. Cate when it comes to learning about breaking science and the practical application of simple, do-able, sustainable health practices free of hype and gimmicks and promoting of longevity. Enjoy the show and get things straight.

TIMESTAMPS: When you’re insulin resistant, pre-diabetic or diabetic, it's very difficult for your body to produce ketones even while following a ketogenic diet. [05:16]

Snacking on fat foods will help keep you away from craving sugar. [07:57]

There’s no such thing as a healthy snack. [09:34]

If people feel bad when they are fasting, it’s called hypoglycemia. [13:04]

Our body makes ketones for the brain. [14:02]

Most people are not healthy enough to fast for very long because they have this toxic fat and their body is going to resist burning fat and insist on burning sugar. [16:43]

Some studies show that a ketogenic diet made out of vegetable oil instead of good fats, you really get fatter. [18:18]

If you are working towards a keto diet but you are hungry for a snack, you have to honor that hunger signal. [19:34]

Having frequent headaches when you are carb dependency eating pattern, could be a bad sign. [20:33}

99 percent of people who are overweight have a metabolic problem as a core issue that needs to be resolved before they can really regain control. [29:33]

Cate talks about the deceit that came out of Harvard studies on nutrition. [31:13]

Basically, if the American Heart Association says it’s “heart healthy,” it’s probably a red flag! [33:48]

Calories do matter. {38:57]

Alcohol is a precursor to acetate and ketones are also a precursor to acetate. [41:58]

What is the benefit of caffeine? [44:27]

How do supplements play a role? [49:54]

We are in a human experiment, eating junk food and seeing how fast we die! [58:31]

Many doctors hand out nutrition information that is incorrect. [01:01:01]

What helps longevity? [01:03:44]

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