Tania Teschke: Cultural Learnings of Europe For Make Benefit of America


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Keen fans of Borat, the legendary movie my Sacha Baron Cohen, will realize I’m knocking off his movie title here. It’s appropriate to capture the theme of our conversation, which covered all manner of healthy eating and living, but hit the theme of healthy European traditions contrasted with hectic, hyper-speed, overly-stressful American life today.

Tania was born and raised in America and graduated from Brown University, and has spent many years of her adult life in places like Japan, Russia, and is now based in Bern, Switzerland. She has been on amazing journey of health and immersion into her authoring of one of the most fabulous and comprehensive books ever written on the planet, titled The Bordeaux Kitchen, An Immersion Into French Food and Wine, Inspired By Ancestral Traditions.

This book represents her life’s work, filled with insights about improving health through ancestral-style eating, the rich tradition of French cuisine, always honoring the ancestral perspective, and a fabulous education about wine and how to pair it with assorted paleo meals. We talk about Tania’s quest to regain her health after a disastrous ordeal starting with a burst appendix sustained in Kazakhstan (speaking of Borat, that’s his hood!), and a long hospital stay afterward dealing with complications. She has studied the health consequences relating to mass produced food (including the recent alarming commentary about widespread ingestion of glyphosates, the toxic chemical found in RoundUp weed killer product), EMF exposure (SmartMeters from utilities, WiFi signals), excess artificial light and digital stimulation on your circadian rhythm as well as your mitochondrial function, impurities in the water supply, the consequences of gut dysfunction, and much more. Yes, Tania is a real forward thinker about health and natural living. It’s worth listening carefully to her concerns and insights, instead of our usual knee-jerk reaction to accept as normal all the health offenses in modern life.


Tania has written a masterpiece of a cookbook that includes French Cooking recipes along with the wine and descriptions of life there. She focuses on ancestral health. [04:23]

Her book is way more than a French Cookbook. Surprisingly the French culture is much aligned with the principals of Primal living. [09:08]

The Europeans seem to have a much calmer, socializing, relaxing lifestyle. [13:00]

People in the US need to slow down. [19:31]

The organic label does not entirely let us know the facts. [25:15]

Eggs’ labels are very confusing. [30:05]

From farmers’ markets in Europe, there has been a shift in some areas to super market, but most people still take advantage of the farmer’s markets. [33:48]

Public transportation functions well in Europe compared to US. [39:03]

Kid’s absorption with light from screens is damaging eyes. [40:25]

Blue light is the color we see around noon, so the artificial light at night from screens throws off our Circadian rhythm. [46:24]

A lot of the new light bulbs we have are a problem [49:17]

Sun exposure in the morning sets up your Circadian rhythm. [52:10]

They explain the difference between fresh air and stale air. [56:24]

Obesity might be a function of not getting the right amount and right type of light. [58:35]

Many people don’t really realize the importance of being outside. [59:41]

We are creating endless summer according to how our genes are wired to use light. [01:00:40]

In Tania’s book she covers ancestral health, her health journey as well as French cooking and wine. [01:03:38]

If you use fresh ingredients, you don’t have to read labels. Put the boxes away! [01:07:05]

When you make desserts with rich fats, you don’t need as much sugar. [01:09:49]

The moral of vegetarian versus meat eaters is another issue. [01:16:40]

If you are taking an animal’s life, you’d better lead a purposeful and meaningful life yourself. [01:18:08]

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