Tania Teschke’s Advice For Protecting Your Health in Today's Polluted World (Breather Episode with Brad)


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After a great show with Bordeaux Kitchen author Tania Teschke, we keep recording and I start to get freaked out over the health concerns relating to radiation from “Smart” utility meters and also excess artificial light and digital stimulation from various blue-light emitting sources like digital screens and LED light bulbs.

After the recording, I headed over to Home Depot to buy some vintage style light bulbs with the yellow hue incandescent filament style light bulb. This type of bulb is far less offensive to your circadian rhythm and mitochondrial function than the popular LED lights and fluorescent lights. Look at these up close, and you’ll realize they are emitting an intense flickering that is invisible to the naked eye, but highly disruptive to your mitochondrial function and melatonin release at night.

How about WiFi? Are you ever freaked out when you login to a wireless connection and notice 27 other networks within range of your device? Scoff if you must, but we have no reference points for long-term exposure to modern tech devices. In addition to the devices, we must also be mindful of the health consequences of hyper connectivity and sensationalist media. This is a good breather show to get you focused on doing the best you can to live healthily in your high-tech modern environment.


Tania talks a lot about the dangers lurking in our surroundings. [05:14]

Fluorescent light and LED light bulbs are harming us. [07:25]

The utility smart meters are also dangerous. [10:54]

Wearing blue light blocking glasses helps. {16:48]

It’s important to learn and be aware of these sorts of dangers. [18:44]

We trust our sources of authority and now we are learning they often aren’t correct. [21:35]

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