Tippy Wyatt: A Long Journey to YouTube Sensation


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I first encountered the remarkable Tippy Wyatt after she contacted me to pitch an idea for a keto cookbook. Well, turns out that not only were we living in the same area at the time, but Tippy has an awesome YouTube channel and has a couple viral videos for how keto works for her daily routine, Costco shopping, and “What I Eat in A Day.”

The show evolves from a breezy discussion for how to get a viral YouTube video, into an interesting account of a young couple’s journey to health. After Tippy’s husband gained 70 pounds in college, he found MarksDailyApple.com, and came to her for support. Seeking support from your partner during a massive lifestyle makeover is not uncommon, and after being asked the question of “how do I get my partner to be as enthusiastic and committed to the Primal lifestyle as I am?”, Mark decided to post the answer on his blog, and the answer is surprising: “You don’t.” You have to wait for people to be ready to receive the message – the inspiration and motivation needs to come from yourself. But this was interesting twist on a common problem in the ancestral health community, which is not obtaining “buy in” from your partner.

The couple detail their whimsical journey to Austin, Texas and how that immersed them into paleo lifestyle. We need to give Austin a shout-out, because at this point, the city could very well be renamed PaleoLand (as if that would go over well!). But all joking aside, Austin is such an exciting place for those on the Paleo diet – the conference PaleoFX takes place there, as well as KetoCon. As the epicenter of the ancestral health scene, Tippy and her husband could not have landed in a better place for the journey they were about to embark on. This doesn’t mean it was a happy-go-lucky, super easy time of success flowing effortlessly to this couple – in fact, it was the opposite. They experienced some really tough and trying times, but as Tippy goes further into sharing her powerful story, you will start to understand how she got to be such a resilient person.

This becomes clear towards the end of the show, as things start to get pretty heavy and intense as Tippy shares the details of her amazing journey to present day. She came to America from a refugee camp in Thailand, her father literally carrying her and her sister into the land of opportunity in a backpack. They settled into an impoverished existence on a farm near Fresno, CA. Tippy explains that she didn’t have summers like a normal American kid – she wasn’t at camp, doing arts and crafts, or running down a SlipNSlide and pelting water balloons at neighbors. Nope, instead she spent those hot, long, summer days doing hard labor, farming assorted Asian vegetables. But her experiences served her well, and with her immigrant work ethic is full bloom, Tippy excelled in school and graduated Fresno State with a business degree.

She relates that her father’s American dream was much simpler than a house and white picket fence or any other material achievements; he simply dreamed for his daughters to obtain an education. Some important themes arise for reflection: one is: how do you balance the immigrant work ethic and constant drive with the ability to enjoy life? This concept applies to career pursuits and well as staying aligned with eating goals, something we all strive to do.

When Tippy shares her story and mentions the importance of expressing gratitude in everyday life, it will have a profound and lasting impact on you. Compare and contrast to the cultural stereotype of the entitled millennial and those of us at any age suffering from the modern afflictions of affluenza, FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and FOKU (Fear of Keeping Up). Yes, it’s easy to complain and tell stories when you can’t reach your weight loss goals, or when you don’t get all the stuff you wish for in daily life. But this is one millennial who’s not wasting her time with complaints and unrealistic expectations – her grit, perseverance, and sunny outlook on life will inspire you to look at your life in the same tough, critical, no-mercy way Tippy did when she examined her life, which prompted her to make a total lifestyle change. This show will inspire you no matter what stage or season you are at in your life, as Tippy’s journey truly showcases the strength of the human spirit and its capacity for change and evolution in the face of immeasurable challenges.


How do I get my partner on board for this primal lifestyle thing? The answer is you have to wait until people are ready. [03:33]

Tippy tells how to publish YouTube videos. [07:56]

Her videos are about her eating tips, especially for the Keto diet. [16:04]

You need to identify your why? [17:58]

Tippy’s first attempt at dieting worked but she didn’t enjoy the food. [24:59]

Low fat diets work, but you have to realize what is happening in your body. [27:37]

When you go Keto, you must be careful not to mess up electrolytes. You need salt. [32:23]

Fat does not make you fat! [35:32]

Tippy gained weight and found herself in denial that she wasn’t happy and had to deal with the reality of her situation. [36:36]

She tried many things until she discovered that eating what she liked (Keto) helped her come back to where she wanted to be. [41:47]

It’s a lifestyle, not a diet. [45:59]

Excess sugar is killing Americans. [49:24]

Now after many months of being on Keto, Tippy feels good, enjoys her food, and feels in control. [52:31]

How do you strike that balance between being okay with departures but adhering to something that takes commitment and takes mindfulness all the time? [54:06]

She and her friends have a contest for the best physique by January. [55:31]

Tippy’s family were refugees from Thailand and were dirt poor. [01:00:38]

Work ethic: You show up and work harder. [01:09:00]

Tippy talks about why she is so driven. [01:12:00]

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