William Shewfelt Part 1: An Evolved Perspective On Dreaming Big, Staying Focused, And Executing The Plan To Be Healthy And Productive


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I sit down with Mr. Red Power Ranger and Carnivore Shredder himself, William Shewfelt. When you visit him on the Internet and see his shredded physique of 3.8% body fat, or striking a pose in his tight red Power Ranger outfit, you might form a superficial first impression that here’s another Hollywood poser but this show quickly proves that notion is wrong.

Alas, you are in for a wonderful treat on this show, as I became educated and inspired from an extremely poised, thoughtful, driven, focused, yet fun-loving young guy, and his charming girlfriend Chelsea who accompanied him. Only 23 years old, William offers profound insights about the importance of dreaming big and then executing with a relentless passion for living life to the fullest and breaking past your personal limits of what you believe is possible.

This is a guy who can quote Tony Robbins and the other motivators but then actually back up the aphorisms with a distinct plan of action. William believes there should be a balance of risk taken in life and how holding on to past traumas prevent you from achieving your goals. He firmly believes it's not where you've been but where you're going.

I talk about the origin of the Get Over Yourself theme and the importance of cultivating a pure motivation for peak performance, and these were lessons I had to learn the hard way over years of struggling and self-reflection as an athlete and with career pursuits. This dude has a lot of stuff figured out already - no kidding!

How can he go from disinterested economics student at UC San Diego to dabbling in local theater acting, to a starring role in a major television program in one year? By formulating an entirely evolved and bulletproof mindset that was all about focus, dedication, and “protecting your mindset” against the trials and tribulations and heartbreak that is endemic to the acting game.

I was truly inspired and motivated by absorbing his energy and positive attitude. We were supposed to talk about the carnivore diet, his body fat reduction programming, and other such boilerplate stuff, but I was too captivated to leave the thread of how a young person overcame an unhealthy youth to dream big and then execute according to plan every day.

Eventually, we transition our focus into diet and exercise, making for a great stand-alone show coming soon.

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