003 Reddit Music Player: Turning Democracy Into A Playlist With Ilias Ismanalijev


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Ilias Ismanalijev had a solution in search of a problem. Wanting further develop his skills as a developer, he sought a project that would challenge current understandings and force him to expand his knowledge in new areas. Ilias began to develop Reddit Music Player which would later become the open source project that enables Redditors to consume and discuss music in a way never before possible.

He eventually submitted the project to Reddit's /r/InternetIsBeautiful only to be inundated with traffic to the site and love for the project. On this episode, Ilias shares how the player was developed as a project of passion, self-education, community, and an asset to the development of his professional career.

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Music: 'Miike Snow - Silvia (Robotberget Remix)'

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