Seeing Cities


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Our theme for this episode is “Seeing Cities”. We hear about two very different ways of looking at a city, making connections across space and time, and allowing us to understand the urban environment and its history in new and unexpected ways. We visited Queen Mary University to talk to two art historians whose work is bound up with these issues. We hear from Hannah Williams, on how digital mapping has allowed her to unearth surprising patterns in the art world of eighteenth century Paris (, and from Emilie Oléron Evans, on the unique perspective that the art and architectural historian Nikolaus Pevsner brought to the buildings of England. Links related to each of our guests may be found below. ___ GUESTS: Hannah Williams: (twitter) (website) (Artists in Paris) Emilie Oléron Evans: (twitter) (book on Pevsner) (A. Hultzsch article on Pevsner, mentioned in interview) ___ GLOBAL LAB TEAM: Interviewer: Duncan Hay (twitter) Presenter: Sarah Wise (twitter) Editing: Thomas Oléron-Evans: (twitter) (personal website) ___ IMAGES: Louvre - - Creative Commons Barbican Estate - - Creative Commons

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