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How do *feel* about money? We’ll look at that in our Thought of the Day. And in our interview segment, money and happiness expert Ken Honda shares with us why--not the money itself, but our emotions around money--have so much to do with the degree of happiness we experience. That and more on today’s show.

Bob’s Thought of the Day

We’ll explore:

  • The beauty of a free-market: a place where people can choose to buy and pay for what they wish based on their own values.
  • Why money tends to be one of the most emotional concepts there is, and why most people’s reactions to money have a negative ring.
  • Several prosperity-based authors who can help you override the constant messages of lack we receive from so many sources.

Interview with Ken Honda

You’ll discover:

  • The story that opens Ken’s book--a rather strange story by Western standards.
  • The difference between Happy Money and Unhappy Money.
  • Why most of us are already in a deeply committed, unhappy relationship with our money.
  • The tragedy that began Ken’s quest to learn and understand the meaning of money.
  • Two powerful words that will help you to start to transform your relationship with money.
  • Two kinds of money knowledge: IQ and EQ.
  • The myth of scarcity and why it is so pervasive.
  • What parents must teach their children about money.

Five Steps to Happy Money:

  1. Shift out of the scarcity mindset.
  2. Forgive and heal your money wounds.
  3. Discover your gifts and get into the flow of Happy Money.
  4. Trust life.
  5. Say “arigato” all the time.

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  • It is not how much you make or have that results in Happy Money or Unhappy Money; it is the energy in which your #money is given and received that determines your flow. @KenHondaHappy
  • Winning the #money game is not how well you do financially. It is how good you FEEL ABOUT PLAYING. @KenHondaHappy
  • A healthy relationship with #money can bring you a deep sense of peace. @KenHondaHappy

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