Speaking a Language of Healing (#691)


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What if a few, determined people could transform the climate of a culture by salting their conversations with a language of mutual respect and compassion instead of adding to the anger and vitriol that is sweeping our country? Along with co-authors Bob Prater of Bakersfield, CA and Arnita Taylor of Dallas, TX, Wayne has just completed a new book titled A Language of Healing for a Polarized Nation. It is subtitled Creating Safe Environments for Conversations about Race, Politics, Sexuality, and Religion. All of them were together a few weeks ago to put the finishing touches on the book and that gave them a chance to sit down and talk about their journey together and about the joys and pitfalls of collaboration to put some godly things in the world. Both have been on the podcast with Wayne previously, but here's a chance to see behind the scenes on their passion to celebrate what they share in common as much as the differences they hold. Their book is a call to expand our relationships and our hearts to include and to respect others who see the world differently than we do.

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