Episode 23 - Griffin's Amiibo Corner


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Transccript HAYLEY: Hello ladies and gentlemen and variations thereupon welcome back to the good boys girls a fan podcast for the McElroy family of products. My name is Hayley Rose…

BLUE: My name is Lillie Blue.

BOTH: and we are the good boys girls.

HAYLEY: Today we’re going to be reviewing Griffin’s Amiibo corner, a polygon series wherein noted good boy and littlest brother, Griffin McElroy examines and reviews Amiibos, a delightful creation from Nintendo that blends both toy and game alike.

BLUE: In this show Griffin gives a deep and professional analysis of these delightful plastic friends and also gives us a wonderful critical review of the craftsmanship, paint lines, use value, and paint lines… (React to fucking up the script)

HAYLEY: While you might go into this show thinking it’s an ordinary show, think again, this Amiibo reviewer has a special take on every single one of these wonderful nfc enabled companions.

BLUE: If you’re fed up with other Amiibo reviewers and/or collectors and/or gamers and/or Reggie Fils Aime. Fear not. You can take a big bite out of Griffin’s Amiibo corner and it’s never too much to chew on.

HAYLEY: That’s right honey. While most shows about collectibles and games and reviews are quite a mouthful. You can rest assured that these snack sized videos won’t fill you up.

BLUE: That’s right honey. Each video is only about 1-3 minutes long except for the ones that take you on a journey of thoughts and emotions that only a McElroy brother could provide.

HAYLEY: Starting in 2016, Griffin set out on a quest to review all the Amiibos in his signature style. But sadly this series was cut short by the villain Tara Long.

BLUE: But fret not. The brief but significant impact that Griffin’s Amiibo corner has left on this world can still be felt echoing in the halls of eternity. You could even say that Griffin’s Amiibo corner changed the world.

Beat Sound cue: [goofer]

HAYLEY: Of course we’re only kidding. This is a silly show and is very much funny and not too serious. You can rest easy knowing that this Amiibo review is the most easily digestible one out there.

BLUE: Now in the spirit of the show we’re reviewing, we’re going to keep this episode short.

HAYLEY: But fear not. In two weeks we’re going to be giving you two episodes in one day, and it's a hotly requested topic that we can’t wait to dig out teeth into.

BLUE: In the meantime please give us a follow on twitter @GoodBoysGirlsTM and be sure to leave us a review on iTunes and Google Play or wherever you can.

HAYLEY: You can follow us on twitter individually @BlueSpaceQueen and @Haystews

BLUE: Be sure to check out other shows on our network like Overwhich, the video game podcast with good boys on it who talk about Overwatch news and also rate new games based on how much Overwatch time they would spend on the game.

HAYLEY: Or Cryptid keeper. The wonderful and successful podcast where two great friends go over the lore and histories of various cryptids like the Jersey Devil and El Chupacabra.

BLUE: Anyway, that does it for this weeks Good Boys Girls. Thank you so much for listening and as always…

BOTH: Take a hammer and fix the podcast.

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