STOP Using Tinder!!

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STOP Using Tinder!!

As you may have guessed from the title, this episode of the Good Life Guys is about why Tinder sucks. Especially for men! In this impassioned conversation, we spell out the main reasons why we all need to STOP using Tinder!!

Most Men Get Nothing From Tinder

Neither of us Good Life Guys have ever had much success using Tinder. And both of us have had lots of success doing things the old-fashioned way….. simply approaching a girl in real life and starting a conversation. (Heaven forbid!)

And we are not alone in finding little or no success on Tinder. The deck is stacked against men hugely in Tinder-world. A tiny minority of men get most of the action on Tinder. These men happen to be particularly photogenic or Tinder-savvy. All the rest of the men (like 90%!) get sweet fuck all!

But of this 90% who get crap results, all would get far better results were they to ditch Tinder and start approaching girls in real life.

Tinder Is A Waste Of Time And Energy

Men get so little bang for their buck on Tinder. All girls receive thousands and thousands of matches. This is because men swipe right far more than girls do. Girls swipe right for guys they particularly like the look of. While hordes of guys upgrade their Tinder package so they can swipe right for all even remotely passable girls. Many men swipe right for hundreds and hundreds of girls a day. Most girls swipe right for a mere small handful of lucky lads throughout a week or month.

Hence, men get barely any matches. It is miserable!

Males and females have different mating strategies. When it comes to short-term mating, men are much less picky than women. So it is tragically slim pickings for the vast majority of men on Tinder.

In order to make a hot girl attracted to him, a man has to set himself apart from the hordes of other males who’d be willing to mate with that girl. It is incredibly hard to set yourself apart on Tinder. So men, if you want to meet the hottest, coolest girls that you personally are capable of meeting you will not do it on Tinder. Period.

Spending all of those hours with your eyes glued to your phone screen, wearing your thumb away, day after day. And getting a fortnightly date with a ‘5’ or ‘6’. Is not an economical use of time and energy.

Tinder Is A Rejection Buffer

Tinder is unmanly. Since time-immemorial males have been trying to initiate mating with females. That is a man’s role. It is hardwired into his deepest core. It is a man’s job to take a risk, court failure and rejection, and make a play for the girl he finds attractive. Tinder has taken away this necessity. Tinder allows men to be pussies. Tinder protects men from the sting of face to face, real-life rejection. Men get rejected constantly on Tinder, but it’s less painful because it’s on a relatively anonymous app. They can, in a sense, pretend it isn’t happening.

It’s a sad state of affairs. It doesn’t speak well for the masculinity levels of modern men. And all the rationalizations men make, such as “it saves time, I’m so busy” etc are bullshit. All lies. Rejection hurts. Approaching hot girls is scary. Most men will take the easy option if given half a chance – even if it leads to demonstrably abysmal results. Avoidance. Denial. Wasted lives.

Men, understand…. the ‘9’ who wouldn’t ever dream of swiping right for you on Tinder would be infinitely more attainable if you were to approach her in real life. You have to be willing to take a risk. From great risk comes great rewards. If you want to date beautiful, high-quality women you must stop hiding behind your phone!

As a man, you must take responsibility for yourself. You must go after what you want in the world, directly. You have masculine power at your disposal, if only you would summon it. Relying on Tinder (which you fucking know in your heart of hearts is not ever going to get you Grade-A pussy) is giving away your masculine power!

Wake up! Gather yourself. Stop being a disgraceful wimp. Take responsibility. Go and talk to women in real life.

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