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Early on in my glamorous (and painfully fast-paced) fashion career, I realized the way I worked was turning me into a tightly wound little ball of stress and tension. So before every business trip I conducted hours of research planning for self-care in my few precious hours of downtime. It changed my life!

Today, as a wellness travel expert and consultant, I lead travelers around the world on wellness tours with Pravassa. Creating group and individualized itineraries for the people and companies that are looking to restore productivity and creativity is my passion. Since having founded Pravassa, the first wellness travel company in 2009, I have been a winner of the prestigious British Airways Face of Opportunity contest. I contribute to columns in The Huffington Post and MindBodyGreen where I write about wellness travel and lifestyle. I am also a regular speaker at conferences around the country including the New York Times and Los Angeles Times travel shows and have participated in international conferences in Colombia, India, and Spain in order to bring wellness travel opportunities to these countries. When not is not traveling the world, I am based in New York City.

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