Episode #345 - "Short King of Kings" with Anna Valenzuela & Joe Kaye


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In this episode, Rivers is celebrating his 10th L.A. anniversary with some of his favorite people in the world: comedians Anna Valenzuela, Joe Kaye, and, of course, "America's Next Door Neighbor" Sam Harter! This one is absolutely wild. We talk about our current favorite crazy social media influencers, a scam involving a made-up kingdom in Antarctica, and some of the world's weirdest and wildest local festivals and competitions. We got hair freezin', baby jumpin', cheese rollin', and dancing with the fishes. Luke Combs' "When it Rains, It Pours" is our JAM OF THE WEEK! Put a big dumb grin on your face now and tune in! Follow Anna Valenzuela on social media @AnnaVisFun. Follow Joe Kaye on social media @JoeCharlesKaye. Follow the show on Twitter @TheGoodsPod. Rivers is @RiversLangley Sam is @SlamHarter Carter is @Carter_Glascock Subscribe on Patreon for HOURS of bonus content! http://patreon.com/TheGoodsPod Pick up a Goods from the Woods t-shirt at: http://prowrestlingtees.com/TheGoodsPod

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