Episode #354 - "My Ex-Wife's Chicken" with Caleb Synan


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In this episode, Rivers and Carter are hangin' out at Disgraceland Studios with our HILARIOUS next door neighbor, comedian Caleb Synan! We kick this one off by chugging Aldi's signature energy drink Gridlock: Ultra White and, once everyone is well-caffeinated, we chat about a couple of real world horror stories and Caleb's hometown of Royston, Georgia. Rivers delivers the fourth and final book report on 'What Are the Odds? From Crack Addict to CEO' by MyPillow loon, Mike Lindell. Bush's "Glycerine" is our JAM OF THE WEEK! Listen now and change your life! Follow Caleb on Twitter @DumbCaleb. Follow him on Instagram @CalebSynan. Listen to his AMAZING podcast with Dave Ross "What's It Called?" available everywhere podcasts are heard. Follow the show on Twitter @TheGoodsPod. Rivers is @RiversLangley Sam is @SlamHarter Carter is @Carter_Glascock Subscribe on Patreon for HOURS of bonus content and growing ALL THE TIME! http://patreon.com/TheGoodsPod Pick up a Goods from the Woods t-shirt at: http://prowrestlingtees.com/TheGoodsPod

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