#90 Low Carb for Diabetes (Part 1) with Dr David Unwin GP


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Dr David Unwin is a GP based in the UK. He is a Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) clinical expert in diabetes, RCGP National Champion for Collaborative Care and Support Planning in Obesity & Diabetes, Ambassador for the All Party Parliamentary Group on Diabetes, Founder member of The Public Health Collaboration Senior Collaborator NNEdPro at Cambridge (Need for Nutrition Education / Innovation Programme) and NHS Innovator of the year 2016. He has published multiple times on his low carb cohort and in 2017/18 his practice saved £57,000 on drugs for type 2 diabetes, hypertension and other conditions by offering patients a dietary alternative to medications.

Today we discuss Low Carb for Diabetes.


2019 Nutrition Therapy for Adults With Diabetes or Prediabetes: A Consensus Report from the American Diabetes Association https://care.diabetesjournals.org/content/diacare/early/2019/04/10/dci19-0014.full.pdf

Diabetes Australia position statement on "Low carbohydrate eating for people with diabetes" https://static.diabetesaustralia.com.au/s/fileassets/diabetes-australia/dbd70857-a834-45b0-b6f1-ea2582bbe5c7.pdf

Part 2 will follow this with just me following up on a few points.

Enjoy friends.

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