#77 Dementia diagnosis with Dr Marita Long GP


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Dr Marita Long is a GP and GP clinical educator for Dementia Training Australia. Before being a GP she was a paediatric and maternal health nurse for 20 years - what an excellent mix!

Today we discuss diagnosing dementia. This episode is a taster to some of the workshops Dr Long and Dr Hilton Koppe run, in particular with two PHN workshops on June 8th (Brisbane North) and June 11th (Gold Coast) coming up soon.

Brisbane - https://www.brisbanenorthphn.org.au/page/news-and-events/events/upcoming/recognising-diagnosing-and-managing-dementia-in-general-practice/

Gold Coast - https://www.healthygc.com.au/Events/4109.aspx

Today we discuss:

- Why we need to discuss dementia

- Early signs

- Inclusion and exclusion criteria

- Screening tools

- Tests for reversible causes

- Implications for carers

- Resources for clinicians and patients

Further resources below.

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Courses and education resources:

Wicking Dementia Research and Education Centre - Understanding Dementia MOOC


Wicking Dementia Research and Education Centre - Preventing Dementia MOOC


Dementia Training Australia online courses


GP Supervisors Australia

Webinars (3) on diagnosing dementia, managing dementia and advanced (Stage 3) dementia

(NB Search through archive listing at bottom of page in link below)


Teaching plans for GP supervisors to use with their registrars

(NB Enter term Dementia into search function to find teaching plans on dementia)


Dementia Australia

Providing support, information and services for people living with dementia, carers, family and health professionals

National Dementia Helpline – 1800100500


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