#87 Migraines with Dr Ron Granot Neurologist


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Dr Ron Granot is a specialist neurologist working in Bondi Junction, Sydney. He is involved in various research projects and has appeared on multiple radio and TV platforms. He writes a blog on his website https://eastneurology.com.au/.

Today we discuss migraines, including:

  • Prevalence
  • Pathophysiology and risk factors
  • Types of migraines
  • Diagnostic features
  • Role of investigations
  • Management = Acute, lifestyle, prophylaxis including new medications like Erenumab
  • Botox
  • Future treatments on the horizon
  • Resources for therapists

Some info on biofeedback, relaxation for those interested = https://headaches.org/resources/

Good mindfulness apps = Smiling Minds, Headspace

There are no conflicts of interest to declare.

Enjoy friends.

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