#86 Moving as Medicine with Dr John Sykes GP


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Dr John Sykes is a GP in Sydney, trained in the UK, a certified nutritionist with Mac-Nutrition Universal and a Trustee and Director of the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine.

Today we discuss physical activity vs sedentary behaviour.

Moving Medicine – a useful resource for clinicians that gives advice on how to discuss exercise for several different medical conditions: https://movingmedicine.ac.uk

Parkrun – Information about the volunteer-led association of Parkrun and how to get involved: https://www.parkrun.com

International Obesity Conference October 16-18 via ANZOS-ASLM-ICCR mentioned at the beginning of the podcast:


David Katz Lifestyle Medicine Masterclass October 19:


Podcast with Dr David Katz "The Truth About Food" - http://thegpshow.libsyn.com/the-truth-about-food-with-dr-david-katz-md

Use the code "thegpshow" when becoming a member of ASLM and the first year is only $110.


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