How We Can Experience Gratitude Through Dancing - Nathalie Suarez


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Nathalie Suárez is an International Bellydance Artist, Dance teacher, Dance Movement Therapist and Psychologist.
We're exploring what are the things that gratitude and dancing have in common, in this episode.
From the episode:
"In open places where there's nature, I just feel so grateful to be able to see it, to smell it, to be there, that, it's automatic. I just wanna dance, I just want to move and be part of that and I tried to focus my attention in the little details. Like I'm grateful I have hands to move and then I would just move my hands free, the way that the way they feel like moving like I try not to think but I let my body flow."
"Use a playlist to make you happy, find the joy in movement, you know, as kids we have that so clear, but it appears that as we get older, we stop enjoying little things in life. And we forget how to amuse with things and dancing and movement is one of the things that we can never stop discovering because how your body moves today, it might not move tomorrow. And you maybe will have new movements that you didn't even know your body can do the next week, so it's a practice you can do it before you get to the shower. You can do it after a long day at work. Even if it's hard to start. Give it a try!"

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