A Great Man Savors Conflict


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When it comes to men and conflict, I typically see two conditioned responses:

  1. Avoid
  2. Lose Their Shit

Neither of which are becoming of a Great Man.

The Avoidants lose all sense of their boundaries, because they have none.

  • They have difficulty identifying what they stand for...because they’ve never truly stood up for anything.
  • They typically end up exhausted and cynical from a lifetime of biting their tongue and eating shit.

On the other hand, the guys who lose their shit leave a path of destruction in their wake.

  • They create an environment of fear
  • They bully others to suppress their true feelings

A Great Man savors conflict. He doesn’t see it as a threat to his existence, his masculinity or how he looks.

He recognizes conflict as:

  • A powerful source for personal growth
  • For forging deep, trusting bonds with others
  • For finding his ultimate source of power and purpose.

In this Episode:

  • 3 reasons why men avoid conflict
  • Why you want to build conflict stamina
  • How men’s brains rely on a different emotional system than women’s brains during conflict
  • Why in men, the brain’s response to anger can produce feelings of pleasure because of the hormones that are released
  • How to know which battles to fight and which to let go
  • 3 powerful payoffs of learning how to savor conflict

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