Detoxing 101: The Basics and Why You May Need One (feat Josh Macin)


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“We are not supposed to be sick, weak, tired and fragile at the ages of 40, 50 and 60. We need to stop giving consent to aging and disease.”

- Josh Macin, The Detox Dudes

Josh was on his way to becoming a world class master in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. In 2010 he won the World Championships as a white belt. In 2012 he won the Pan American Championship as a blue belt. He went on to win the Abu Dhabi trials as a purple belt.

When all of a sudden, within a period of 10 days, he went from elite athlete to suffering severe panic attacks, crippling depression and suicidal thoughts…seemingly out of nowhere.

For the next 4 years, Josh lived in a chronic state of fear, physical torture and mental anguish as he desperately sought…unsuccessfully…the source of his suffering.

Josh was days away from taking his own life – which he’d planned to do via starvation by walking off alone in the Amazon jungle – when he experienced a divine intervention.

He read the unassuming story of a woman who’d healed similar suffering by doing a heavy metals detox after learning she had mercury poisoning.

Turns out, Josh too had mercury poisoning. And finding the root of his problem was the difference between life and death.

Fortunately, most of us will never have to endure the trauma and extreme suffering that Josh went through.

But many of us know what it’s like to deal with low energy, indigestion, excess gas, fatigue after meals, interrupted sleep, body aches and brain fog.

Many of these life conditions that we’ve simply accepted – or as Josh calls, giving consent to – should not be a part of our normal operating existence.

We deserve to feel good. To feel great, actually.

Not just some of the time…but most of the time.

One potential way to achieve that state of well-being, is through detox.

In Today’s Episode:

  • You’ll hear about Josh’s story of how we can spend weeks, months and even years suffering from an affliction whose source we can’t pinpoint
  • How our life’s wounds – both physical and emotional – that go unhealed, make us magnets for illness
  • Why Josh says “tap water is out of the question” and you need to buy a water distiller right now (which I did)
  • What experiences that you may be having that make you a prime candidate for a detox
  • What benefits you can expect from a detox
  • How you can achieve virtual fart free living
  • Stick around for the last 15 minutes because Josh gives you 3 potential first steps you can take to get on the detox journey

Who is Josh Macin?

  • He runs The Detox Dudes
  • His YouTube channel has over 33,000 subscribers and his videos have been viewed over 2.3 million times
  • “How to clear your sinuses naturally.”
  • “How to heal leaky gut.”
  • “How to recover from ejaculation.”
  • “Watch me do a perfect coffee enema.”
  • He works with two types of people: High performers and CEOs looking for an edge and 2) those who are suffering from a chronic illness that has no easily identifiable source


Josh’s website and articles:

Josh’s Masterclass:

Josh’s YouTube Channel: The Detox Dudes

The 5 Day Detox: Click Here

Josh’s 3 Suggestions for Newbie Detox-ers:

#1. Upgrade Your Water

Distilled Water Filter: (code “detoxdudes” for 5% off)

Natural Spring Water:

#2. Juice Everyday

Josh Recommends: Omega J8006

#3. Supplements

Liposomal Glutathione



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