2 Ways to Beat Overwhelm (DQ Solo)


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Last year we published an episode called 5 Ways Men Lose Credibility with Women.

Out of 100+ episodes, this still remains in our top 10 most downloaded.

For that episode, we interviewed Madelyn Moon, a coach and leader of women who synthesized her community’s experiences to construct the top-5 list.

Here’s one of the most powerful ways men lose credibility with not only women, but our families and businesses as well:

Lack of integrity with what we can and cannot handle.

In other words, a man who gets overwhelmed.

  • An overwhelmed man is not sexy.
  • An overwhelmed man is not an inspiring leader.
  • An overwhelmed man is not a confidence inducing presence in the household.

Here’s something critical to understand:

The Great Man Within You doesn’t get overwhelmed.

He’s perfectly attuned to what he can and cannot handle.

When you feel overwhelmed, he’s the man to consult.

He will tell you to focus on 2 ways to beat overwhelm:

  1. Pruning: Cutting away the unwanted or superfluous to make room for growth
  2. Aligning: Seeing the connection points – vs. the separation – between all things

Dive into today’s episode – 2 Ways to Beat Overwhelm – for a deeper look on how to prune and align your way out of overwhelm.


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