3 Questions to Upgrade Your Sex Life (DQ Solo)


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On Monday, we gave you an intro to Tantra with a podcast titled:

Tantra 101: A Man’s Intro Guide (feat. Krystal Tantric Yogi).

Today, we’re continuing the inner work on sexuality by digging into and unleashing your best sexual self.

Here are 3 questions from The Erotic Mind by Dr. Jack Morin, perhaps the most important book on sexuality I’ve read to date:

  1. You’re not aroused…what would you call upon to most likely arouse you?

  1. Think back to your earliest sexual memory…what were the circumstances surrounding this experience of arousal, what did you learn, and what did you carry with you?

  1. What are your peak sexual experiences?

“[Abraham] Maslow saw peak sexual experiences as crucial sources of clean and uncontaminated data about who we are and might become.”

  • Jack Morin, The Erotic Mind

A Great Man creates environments where he and those he cares about can thrive.

That also goes for sexual environments.

In today’s episode, I unpack my own answers to these questions and reveal how these 3 questions have opened new doors of sexual exploration and pleasure.


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