How to Change an Adversary's Mind (DQ Solo)


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Daryl Davis is a black man who has influenced over 200 KKK members to relinquish their robes and hoods. If this is not evidence of a Superpower, I don’t know what is. Last year I sat down with Daryl for 3 hours to learn how he changed so many extremists’ minds.

If you desire to influence people in your life who don’t readily agree with you…

…this episode is choc-full of powerful insights and practical steps you can implement in your most difficult conversations right now.

-DQ Here are 5 essential elements of Daryl Davis’ approach: #1: CURIOSITY. “How can you hate me if you don’t even know me?” This is the question that Daryl leads his life with. When he sits down with a Klansmen, he leads with curiosity (not anger, not judgment, nor is he looking to catch them in a “gotcha” moment.). Curiosity - a genuine desire to understand the other person. #2. COMMON GROUND. Daryl disarms his adversaries by finding some way to shrink the perceived distance between them. He often uses love of music or history as a way to bridge the gap. #3. COMPASSION: As he learns more about the person sitting across from him, he inevitably sees the roots - life experiences, pain, suffering, etc - of where this person formed their belief system. He doesn’t have to like it, but his understanding of it allows for a compassion (which furthers a connection that both can feel). #4. KNOWLEDGE. Daryl knows more about the KKK and its history than most of it’s members. He’s read every book, knows every organizational structure and geographic setup, and knows their political strategy inside and out. In a strange sense, his adversaries feel respected by the efforts he’s gone through to understand them. #5. CHIPPING AWAY AT CERTAINTY. His adversaries cling to their belief systems because they are certain they are right. As Daryl learns more, he questions more, and his adversaries (who now have a semblance of respect for Daryl amidst their hatred) start to question their rigid beliefs...which gives way to a deeper, two-way dialogue. Over time...Daryl has found that extraordinary change is possible.

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