How to Shift Unwanted Persistent Behaviors (DQ Solo)


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I’d say eating Frosted Flakes before bed every night was a bad habit.

So was drinking that second 20 oz coffee every day.

As was binging 3+ episodes of Lost on Amazon Prime every night.

No matter your best intentions, you may find yourself battling with persistent unwanted behaviors with respect to:

  • Food
  • Alcohol
  • Television
  • Caffeine
  • Porn

Despite your best attempts to over-correct your behaviors – like diets or abstinence periods which may work for a temporary period of time…

…you always seem to revert back to that familiar feeling of powerlessness.

In today’s episode, I’ll break down the 3 stages I typically go through in order to create long term shifts of my persistent unwanted behaviors:

  1. Compulsive: Being controlled by my behavior
  2. Controlling: Over-correcting my behavior to reestablish a temporary sense of control
  3. Integrating: Forming healthy new behaviors that serve me in the long run


PS - And yes, I did get my Frosted Flakes, coffee and Lost situations under control. ;-)

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