Why You Might Feel Lazy & Unmotivated After Success (DQ Solo)


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What’s more annoying…

…than feeling lazy and unmotivated after you’ve achieved something?

Been there, brother, been there.

In today’s episode, I share three of the most common themes I see why men feel lazy and unmotivated after achieving success:

  1. You’re Off Purpose: In achieving your success, you’ve realized that the feeling you were seeking was never to be fulfilled by this pursuit. In other words, you were not aligned with your purpose.

  1. You Overdid It: In pursuit of success, you pushed yourself beyond your capacity, and now your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies need a break.

  1. You’re Leveling Up: You’ve fulfilled your purpose in this arena of your life. The drop-off from intensely pursuing your purpose to not knowing the next path can feel steep. David Deida says it beautifully in The Way of the Superior Man:

“A man must be prepared to give 100% to his purpose, fulfill his karma or dissolve it, and then let go of that specific form of living.

He must be capable of not knowing what to do with his life, entering a period of unknowingness and waiting for a vision or a new form of purpose to emerge.”


PS - Here is the Prolon 5 Day Fast I talk about on the podcast.

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