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The Greatness Movement program is considered the ultimate self-awareness tool. We help to create conscious knowledge of one’s own character, feelings, motives, and desires. To create personal knowledge and growth, we must overcome our hardships and the pain we have all experienced.
We have developed a program to achieve awareness and it starts with being focused on YOU first. With our Greatness Groups and radio show, we teach the process of self-awareness, personal development, relationships, communication and leadership. As you advance through each month of the program, opportunities will begin to flourish in all aspects of your life – personally and professionally. For it is only through the process of achieving self-awareness, that we can make a positive and profound fundamental shift within ourselves.
Since my early days as child, I have always been fascinated by the psychology of the choices we make. Like many of us, my choices as a child were already made for me. A perfect example of this in my life is when I ended up playing two sports professionally which I now see I never wanted to play. As my life progressed, I realized I didn’t have the self-awareness or the personal development skills to make choices for myself. I got very close to calling it quits, feeling like I failed myself, my kids, and everyone in my life. In the midst of my darkest moment I caught a glimpse of light. I realized that the answer to get out of my hurt was to go head first into it and become an expert of my pain. I decided I was going to come up with a protocol that nobody has ever talked about that would fundamentally change society. We all have pain, but what I found through my many years of research and coaching is that the real problem is we don’t have the self-awareness, the personal development or the relationship tools to proactively fix our hurt. This is why I started The Greatness Movement.
In 2017, I published Your Journey To Success. This has become the protocol for self-awareness. In 2018, I started The Greatness Movement. This has become the vehicle to fundamentally change society. To achieve this purpose, it must be focused on an individual (you) first. The Greatness Movement is the ultimate self-awareness process that focuses on giving each individual the self-awareness, personal development, relationship, communication and leadership, tools to live in their inherent greatness.
We accomplish this through The Greatness Groups, which are a small collection of individuals that meet with me in-person or online once per month. I like to keep the group sizes small to foster deeper communication and relationships, with 10 people being the maximum number of participants. This allows everyone to engage in an intimate and safe environment, where they know their opinions are heard and matter. Every month, we tackle a new aspect of self- awareness, personal development, relationship, communication and leadership. Along with the in-person meetings, we also engage with each other in a private Facebook group, with weekly check-ins to ensure progress is being made.
As with all successful movements, they are much bigger than just one individual. I may have been the one to start this, but my goal extends much farther than that. My purpose is to have others hosting their own Greatness Groups, where they teach the process of self-awareness, personal development, relationship, communication and leadership to their friends, family and co-workers!
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