Euro 2020, the Prespes Agreement, and the Biden approach to the Western Balkans


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During the early stages of the Euro 2020 soccer championship in June, aside from the games on the pitch, we also saw political issues emerge. One of those was related to the Prespes agreement, and we saw the North Macedonia national soccer team’s use of the name “Macedonia”. Prime Minister Zaev also ended up apologizing for a tweet where he used the term “Macedonia.” These moves sparked a reaction from Greece.

Tom Ellis, the editor in chief of Kathimerini English edition, joins The Greek Current to discuss his latest op-ed in Kathimerini where he looks at this latest incident, the broader issues at hand, and explains why implementation of the Prespes agreement is important for Greece’s interests. We also look at President Biden’s recent executive order targeting individuals allegedly contributing to the destabilization of the Western Balkans, which includes those undermining deals like the Prespes Agreement.

Read Tom Ellis’ op-ed in Kathimerini: The Prespes agreement should not be violated

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